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Gate37 is a publishing house for people who find the question “Where are you from?” hard to answer. It’s a place to belong for those who don’t belong anywhere. We’re looking for writers who are Third Culture Kids, fraught with the thoughts that come with a cross-cultural background.

Style and Subject.

We publish fiction and nonfiction. We’re not really strict on what we read at the moment, given that we’re new and all. That might change when we’re collapsing under the weight of pdf files. For now, if you identify as a cross-cultural or Third Culture Kid author, get in touch. Even if you’ve never published before, and don’t think you’re that good, odds are if you’re on this page you probably have a story to tell.

Response Time.

We take a couple of months to read a manuscript and get back to you.

Word Count.

We don’t really mind, since we want everything from short stories to novels to works of non-fiction about the migration pattern of the Emperor Penguin (not really). Try to keep it under 7 figures. Seriously, we once got a million word manuscript. That one hurt.

How to Submit.

At this stage we only accept electronic submissions.

To submit articles for the website go here.

To submit a manuscript, contact us .

Any manuscript in Comic Sans will be rejected on receipt.

For more information about contributions, see our submission guidelines.

You can participate by submitting your article.

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Gate37 Team

Gate37 Team

This post was put together by the Gate37, a team of people passionate about music, artists and the stories they tell.

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    • Dania Al Husseini

      Hi Gate37 team, is there a [preferred] deadline for submission of stories, or is it open-ended?

    • Gate37

      Hi Dania! There are no deadlines for submissions. Feel free to send us your articles via our submission form, or through our email, whenever you like.