Exploring the Backcountry
Lebanon Backcountry
Lebanon Backcountry
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Yann Traboulsi grew up in Dubai to Lebanese parents, studied at Parsons in New York and moved to Lebanon for the first time last year. This series is part of his (sub)conscious mission to discover what the country’s mountains and shores have to offer.

Yann has been carrying a camera most of his life. A real camera, not the kind you have on your iPhone. Not that those aren’t real, but they are less deliberate, and Yann likes taking deliberate photos. In high school he and a bunch of friends used to populate a blog with with photographs using the first Casio Exilim. That was probably the first and last digital camera he owned. Now, Yann mostly works with film rolls because he likes having to wait for them to be developed.

Check out more of Yann’s adventure photography on his blog.

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