Fox News is America's Most Trusted News

We’re sure Jon Stewart is smiling, because he’s leaving the Daily Show and doesn’t need to watch Fox News for work anymore.

A recent poll conducted by Hamden, Connecticut’s Quinnipiac University has revealed the most trusted network and cable news channel in the United States is Fox News came first, trailed by CNN and the network news.

Fox News’ success in the poll, while shocking, isn’t really a surprise given the channel’s popularity and massive ratings. In terms of programming, it runs the top 5 shows in cable news in both total viewers and adults aged between the ages of 25 and 54.

The network’s bombastic right-wing talking heads, from Bill O’Reilly to Sean Hannity, have made names for themselves with their controversial and confrontational worldview. If you’re interested in reading up about some of them, there is a comprehensive Wikipedia page dedicated to Fox News related mishaps.

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