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Blu Fiefer (previously known as Poly), is a truly fascinating 22 year old Mexican Lebanese singer-songwriter, and producer. In her bio she states that she “approaches her music as a multi-faceted platform” and the various cross-cultural influences shine through.

“Blu started performing and gaining a local fan base in Beirut under the name Poly, shortly after attending The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London at the age of 15. She spent the last 12 months working on her upcoming mixtape and her debut EP, all while performing her DIY visual show around Beirut’s venues and festivals, notably opening for Jessie J in Summer of 2015. Her sound can be best described as a hybrid of Hip Hop, Trap and Alternative Pop.”

Give her a listen below.


Episode 03: The Trap
Third track off the mixtape ‘The Road To Prelude’
Produced by Blu Fiefer
Written & directed by Blu Fiefer & Kid
Edited by Blu Fiefer
DOP Jana Saleh
Chorus Sample – Roy Woods ft. Drake – Drama
Mix and Mastering: Jana Saleh

Shout out to Anthony Sargon, Daisy Hamawi & TYRO

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