Press Release | Gate37 Launch


On Monday 16 June, Gate37, a multi-platform publishing house for cross-cultural writers and creatives, is launching at The Old Bowery Station in New York City.

Nasri Atallah, a British-Lebanese writer & publisher and founder of Gate37, stumbled on the concept of the “third culture kid” (TCK) while lamenting his identity confusion in a Beirut dive bar with a fellow cultural nomad. The idea is simple: a TCK is any individual that was raised outside of their parents’ culture. It is anyone who doesn’t know how to answer the question “Where are you from?” The result is a rather diverse sort of person – one who can speak multiple languages, understand radically different cultural rituals and traditions. People with these cross-cultural backgrounds feel both at home everywhere, and deeply alienated. They spend many of their formative years longing for somewhere to belong. Gate37 aims to give that to them.

The Gate37 project aims to bring together cross-cultural creatives from all over the world, across various mediums both online and offline, and in various formats and genres (from fiction, to essay writing, video and photography).

Rather than being a project for ‘Third Culture Kids’ it is a project by TCKs, and aims to appeal to anyone interested in what the complexities of identity and culture mean for our understanding of the world around it. It’s ambitions range from covering arts & culture on the Gate37 website, to publishing traditional print and digital fiction (from short stories to anthologies to novels), publishing alternative projects (they’ve got a deck of tarot cards in the works), to producing a web series – The Flying Publisher – that documents entire process.

The launch of our digital publishing platform will take place in New York City on June 16th, 2014 at The Old Bowery Station. From 6:00 p.m. onwards, the Gate37 team will be answering all questions surrounding the project – what we’ll be doing, who we’ll be working with and, most importantly, what we’re trying to achieve.

We hope to see you there.