Submission Guidelines



We tend to favor short, concise articles, by which we mean absolutely no longer than 1,500 words. If you submit an article above the word limit, you should expect us to either send it back with a friendly rap over the knuckles or for sections to be truncated without mercy. You have been warned.


If you are reading this, then we can safely assume that you either want to publish your article on the web, or that you enjoy reading guidelines in your free time. Only one makes you weird, but either way, you’re in the right place. Since your article will be on the web, it needs to be written for the web. This means that any and all references, citations, etc. in your article should be hyperlinked (HTML or embedded). We kindly request that you leave footnotes or in-text citations out of your article, unless you are sending us an academic paper, in which case we feel that we should inform you that you are on the wrong website and that we will not be publishing theses, term papers or even really impressive research assignments.

Other Formatting

At the risk of sounding like your 8th grade history teacher, we ask that submissions be free of all non-standard formatting. Text should be submitted in 12pt serif font in a Word.docx file, or an equivalent. But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be double-spaced.


All articles absolutely must be accompanied by an image. Because we believe in the right to intellectual property, we will not be publishing images you’ve found on Google, Flickr, Instagram, etc. unless they belong to you. You may feel free to choose any image on Creative Commons, your personal social media channels, or even your camera, should you possess the talent. Other specifications require the image to be landscape, not portrait, and larger than 640x420px. If you would like to submit your photography for publication in a gallery, you really shouldn’t be under the “Articles” section on this page.


Once your submission has been reviewed and approved, our editorial panel will contact you to discuss payment.



We love storytelling, so feel free to submit as long a story as you’d like, provided that it’s a maximum of 7,000 words.

Additional Questions

Please direct any further questions [email protected], and one of our very pleasant staff members will see to you.


Can be anywhere between ten minutes and two months. Please be patient.

Submit your piece here.

  • Michael Lee

    Hello! I came across this site today and, as a third culture kid (Taiwan -> New Zealand), I’m very interested in themes related to the subject, and would love the opportunity to contribute. Are there any sort of articles you are specifically looking for?

  • Gate37

    Hi Michael! We don’t limit our submissions to any particular topic, but take a look at the themes at the top of our website (in the Menu bar) – your article should fit in one of the four overheads (Arts & Culture, Opinion, Life, or Fiction). Feel free to send any pitches our way! Cheers.

  • nick s.

    Ten minutes to two months? Ten minutes if you love our hucking stuff..two months if it’s hucking trash, right?